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The Sunday School at the Zainabia Community Center serves to teach the Islamic principles according to the Quran and Ahlulbayt.  Both basic and advanced classes are offered. Teachers are volunteers from the community who are selected based on their knowledge of the different subjects.  The classes are divided up according to knowledge levels which are determined by a preliminary placement analysis.  Classes consist of the following sessions:


Start time: 10am

Announcements: 10:15am-10:30am 

1. Qur'an: 10:35-12:00noon

2. Lunch/Snack Break : 12noon-12:30pm

3. Islamic Studies: 12:30pm - 1:30pm


4. Prayer time: 1:30pm 

5. School ends: 2:00pm




Sunday School Policy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable all students to:

  • Strive for Islamic excellence.

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills that support Islamic values.

  • Value life-long learning of Qur'an, Islamic rules, and Islamic history.

  • Demonstrate respect for self and others.

  • Participate meaningfully in our community and the society.

To accomplish our mission we possess a knowledgeable, capable, caring, and inspiring staff. We foster mutual respect, open communication, and partnership among students, staff, families, and the community.


The ZCC: Sunday School has operated regularly since 2001 with the following mission:

ZCC: Sunday School seeks to fill the gap left by the absence of Islamic studies in public school. It is intended to be a stress-free environment where students learn about basic Islamic rules (Ahkam), Ethics and Islamic Behavior (Akhlaq), the history of Islam (Tarikh), and Qur’an in a positive atmosphere.

The school is staffed by volunteers and headed by our Community Center Board of Directors.

Grades & Ages

The school is currently enrolling students who are in Pre-K and Kindergarten through Grade 9-10 in regular school. Pre K students have to be 5 years old by registration day and proof of birth date is needed to register.

School Session

School is in session every Sunday, with exception of seasonal breaks from September to May, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

How to Register

Our forms are available at the office.

Tuition Per Session: There will be 2 Sunday School sessions for the year.  Session 2 is a continuation of Session 1


Session 1:

Start Date: September 

Session 2:

Start Date: January 


The annual tuition is $100/1 student, $200/2 students, and $275/3 students

After 3 students only $70 extra per student.

The tuition per session $50/1 student, $100/2 students, and $135/3 students

After 3 students only $35 extra per student.

Books and Class Material

Tuition will cover these expenses.

Session 1 (Approx. September to December)


School Time Duration: 10am - 2pm 


Doors Open at 10am 




Morning Announcement/Activity:

10:15am-10:30am : 

Duration: 15min  



Period 1:  (Qur'an learning)

10:30am - 11:30am

Duration: 1hr





11:30pm - 12:pm


Duration: 30min



Period 2: (Islamic Studies)

12pm - 1:15:pm


Duration: 1hr 15min



Salaat: 1:30pm – 2pm 


Duration: 30min



Sunday School Concludes after Salaat



"Everyone" Cleans up before we leave!


(Put up Tables and Chairs, Vaccum, and close Window blinds)





* Daylight Saving *

School Time Duration:

10am - 2pm 


Doors Open at 10am 



Morning Announcement/Activity:

10:15am-10:30am : 





Period 1:(Qur'an learning)

10:30am - 11:30am


Duration: 1hr





11:30pm - 12:pm






Period 2: (Islamic Studies)

12pm - 12:30pm


----Salaat Break----


1pm - 1:45pm



1hr 15min



Salaat Break: 12:30pm – 1pm 






Sunday School Concludes after Salaat



"Everyone" Cleans up before we leave!


(Put up Tables and Chairs, Vacuum, and close Window blinds)



Punctuality at School Arrival/Pick up Time

School starts at 10:15 am and ends at 2:00 pm. It is important for school to start on time. All students need to be in class at the start time. Students arriving after 10:30 am will be tardy and will need to sign in at the front desk. After every 3 tardies they will be required to pay a tardy fee of $5.00 per child to be used towards Sunday school. Sunday school staff is made up of volunteers that need to lock up and leave on time. Therefore students picked up after 2:20 pm will be charged a late pick up fee of $1/minute.


School begins with an assembly that is an integral part of the school's schedule. It is a valuable tool for conveying information about the school, starting the day with a brief Islamic lesson, and putting the children in a spiritual, cheerful, and learning mindset.


  • Salaat is a required part of the school schedule.

  • Parents who come early to pick up their children are strongly encouraged to participate in salaat and can only take home their children after the prayer is over.

  • Students should not waste time between class and prayer and should instead get ready for salaat by finding a place on the prayer mat and waiting for the adhan to begin.

  • All students should remain on one side of the prayer hall where the Imam is leading prayer.

  • Disruptions during the prayer are not allowed and will be dealt with immediately after the prayer.

  • Students are required to remain on their prayer mats until the final ziyarat is complete.

  • All female students who are unable to pray for a given Sunday are required to stay in the prayer area preferably doing du’a and tasbih, not talking or socializing so as not to disrupt the rest of the group that is praying.

Early Pick Up

To pick up children early parents need to show ID and sign out the child on the early release sheet. Parents need to ask a staff member to get their child and are not allowed to interrupt class to get their children themselves. Please do not disrupt salaat by picking your child up in the middle of salaat. Also please remember that the salaat period is a learning opportunity and is actually part of school so do not encourage the practice of skipping salaat.


Lunch or Snack should be provided by parents

Student Expectations

  • Line up patiently for lunch and wait for turn.

  • Sit down and eat in the dining area.

  • Throw own trash and pick up any lying around

Dress Code


1. Only long shorts are allowed 
2. No vulgar or unpleasant depictions and writing on the clothing.


1. Hijab (hair should be properly covered and fastened by scarf) 
2. If pants are worn, they must be loose and baggy. 
3. Shirts need to be full sleeve, long (5 inches below waist), not transparent or tight, and need to be worn un-tucked.

Parents and family members who enter the SAB premises to drop off or pick up their children, or to participate in SAB events, are also required to adhere to the dress code.


Students are encouraged to come to school in wudhu and use restrooms before class rather than during class. To use restrooms during school hours students, will need a pass. Only the restrooms by the side of the Sunday school entrance are designated for our use.

Student Expectations at All Times

  • Do not bring electronic devices, toys, cards, magazines or games to school. They may get confiscated and returned at end of day

  • Be respectful with staff and fellow students.

  • Refrain from yelling or running inside the school

  • Use quiet voices and walk instead of yelling or running inside the school

  • Treat all property with utmost care. Please remember we share classes with Saba Academy and cannot touch their material. Children will be responsible for any damages they incur in the school area.

  • Only teachers can take students to the outside for activities. Use is prohibited during lunch time or after school.

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Sit in an orderly way. Do not move any desks or chairs unless requested by teacher


  • Return items borrowed from the school office (pencils, staplers, scissors etc.)

Homework and Assignments

Homework is an integral part of the learning process. However, we understand that children get quite a bit of homework from regular school. Our policy is to not burden the children but to reinforce the class work. Teachers are therefore encouraged to assign minimum homework. Quran homework is necessary for learning to occur and parents are requested to encourage their children to spend 10 minutes daily on Quran homework.


We make an effort to provide supervision on school grounds throughout Sunday school hours. We ask that students not arrive earlier than 10:30 and leave no later than 2:00. Staff is responsible for students only until pick up time or 2:00 pm after which the parent is responsible. Please be prompt in picking up your child since our school volunteers also lead busy lives.

Discipline Policy

In case of discipline problems your child will be given a couple of warnings. If the problem continues s/he will be sent to the office. If it still continues you will be notified.

Sickness or Injury

Illness- if a student becomes ill, the parents will be called to come and pick up the child. Injury- if a student is injured at school, he/she should report it to one of the school staff. Parents will be contacted if more than basic first aid is required.



Please drive carefully and slowly as you come into the parking lot. Often there are children playing in the lot before and after the school hours. Expect the unpredictability of children's movements. Ask your children to be alert to incoming cars. Also advise your children to stay well within the ZCC center boundaries. For their safety, please ask your children to wait for you inside the building, preferably the school dining area. Do NOT allow them to wait for you outside. Sunday school strongly discourages it. ZCC or the school staff is not responsible for children waiting outside the building.

Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Parents are strongly requested to participate in the weekly assembly (beginning 10:15 AM) as well as salaat. Parents are required to attend the first assembly of the school year where rules and regulations of the School will be explained.

Other responsibilities:

  • Ensure that your children bring their books, paper, pencils, and other required material to class.

  • Punctuality and good attendance is required. Your children will only learn if you are serious about School and the first step to being serious is attending school on time. In the case of an unavoidable absence, contact your child’s teachers beforehand to obtain the necessary lessons and homework.

  • Please pick up your children promptly at 2:00 pm. Volunteers are not responsible for your children after this time. Late pick up fee will be charge after 2:20 pm

  • Assist your students with their homework, exams, and other school activities. The primary responsibility for the Islamic education of children lies with the parents. ZCC can only be effective if you actively participate in your child’s Islamic learning experience at home. Regularly check with your students to see what handouts and homework they were given and whether that homework has been completed.

Progress Reporting to Parents

Report cards are issued only at the end of the session and year. There are two tests to check student progress, a midterm and a final. Some teachers may give additional quizzes or tests. The teachers will inform students of upcoming tests. Parents should stay in regular contact with the teacher so that there are not any surprises at the end of the year.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

One meeting takes place after midterms. However, parent/teacher meetings can also be scheduled individually at the request of parent or teacher.

Interruptions by Parents

Please do not walk or look into your child's class after it is in session. If you need to consult with the teacher, please schedule a meeting before or after school hours. We strongly discourage conversations in the hallways while school is in session. The sound of conversation becomes too noisy for a classroom atmosphere. Parents are welcome to wait for their children in the assembly hall or the library. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Parents as Volunteers

We encourage parental assistance in all areas of our school: monitoring the hallways, classroom substituting, field trips, fundraisers, picnic etc. Please contact Br. Idris Muhammad or Sr. Hakimah if you want to become a volunteer. 




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